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Jindal visits town of Dubach

Governor focuses on economy, corruption, education reform
093010 jindal2 C.jpg
Gov. Bobby Jindal interacts with attendees of his speech at the Scott Hamilton Warehouse in Dubach.

DUBACH — Governor Bobby Jindal visited Dubach on Tuesday to give a speech on the terms of the economic future of Louisiana.

Jindal said that Louisiana has the second best economy in America, and Louisiana is said to be the third best state in the country for creating jobs.

“I said on my inauguration day that we would work together to create a new Louisiana,” he said. “I told you we had to stop exporting our greatest assets. Our greatest exports are not the crops, not the oil we drill, not the products we make. Our greatest exports for too many years have been the sons and daughters of Louisiana who have been leaving to pursue their dreams in other states.”

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