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Notice is hereby given that the City of Ruston (the “City”) is requesting Statements of Qualifications from firms interested in providing administration, engineering, design, planning, construction services including full- time construction observation, and other related aspects of service involved in the evaluation, development, design, construction management and grant administration services for projects for the Ruston Regional Airport, Ruston, Louisiana (“Firm” or “Consultant”), for an initial three (3) year period beginning from the Notice to Proceed date of the Master Services Agreement Contract, and thereafter may be extended for two (2) additional one (1) year periods upon mutual written agreement by City and Consultant. The City will follow the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development Division of Aviation's Consultant Selection Manual and FAA Advisory Circular 150/5100-14C in the evaluation and selection of consultants.
The projects identified by the City for implementation or development are presented herein. The projects are subject to the availability of funding from the Federal Aviation Administration, State of Louisiana and the City. The projects identified herein are not necessarily listed by priority, nor does the City anticipate implementation of all projects. Fee(s) will be negotiated.
1. Runway Approach Obstruction Removal.
2. Rehabilitation of Existing Apron.
3. Apron Expansion to South of Existing Apron.
4. Update Airport Action/Development Plan.
5. Acquire land for extension and future control of obstructions.
6. Relocate public roads.
7. Extend Runway 36 and Parallel Taxiway 1,500 feet.
8. Construct Taxiway to south hangars.
9. Construction of additional hangars.
10. Rehabilitation of Runway and Taxiway.
11. Replacement of Runway and Taxiway Lighting.
12. Project(s) not currently identified but deemed necessary for proper operation and/or maintenance of airport properties and/or facilities due to emergency or other unforeseen circumstance.
Firms with demonstrated experience, competence, and qualifications pertinent to these types of services and having sufficient technical, supervisory, and administrative personnel to ensure expeditious prosecution of the work and interested in performing these services are desired for consideration. In responding to the items listed below, it is important to be specific and concise in your written statement and in so responding, represent those projects which have been accomplished by your firm.
Engineering and consulting services for construction projects which evolve from the above will include basic services normally required for airport development projects. The basic services are usually conducted in the six (6) distinct and sequential phases summarized below:
1. Administration. This phase involves those activities required for being a liaison between the Owner, Federal and State Agencies to develop and maintain an overall improvement program at the Ruston Regional Airport. Some examples of activities within this phase of a project may include development and maintenance of a five (5) year overall Capital Improvement Program for the Airport, conferring with FAA, DOTD and other concerned agencies on associated funding and project requirements, finances, schedules, development of pre-applications and application submittal.
2. Preliminary Phase. This phase involves those activities required for defining the scope of a project and establishing preliminary requirements. Some examples of activities within this phase of a project may include conferring with the sponsor on project requirements, finances, schedules, meetings with FAA, DOTD and other concerned agencies; planning for preliminary design considerations; and development of design schematics, sketches, project recommendations and preliminary layouts and cost estimates.
3. Design Phase. This phase includes all activities required to undertake and accomplish a full and complete project design. Examples include meetings and design conferences to obtain information and to coordinate or resolve design matters; collecting engineering data and undertaking field investigations, surveys and engineering studies; preparing necessary engineering reports and recommendations; preparing detailed plans, specifications, and cost estimates; and printing and providing necessary copies of engineering drawings and contract specifications.
4. Bidding Phase. These activities involve assisting the sponsor in advertising and securing bids, analyzing bid results, furnishing recommendations on award of contracts, and preparing contract documents.
5. Construction Phase. This phase includes all basic services rendered after the award of a construction contract, including, but not limited to, providing consultation and advice to the sponsor during all phases of construction; representing the sponsor at preconstruction conferences; observing work in progress periodically and/or daily construction observation and providing appropriate reports to the sponsor; reviewing and approving shop and erection drawings submitted by contractors for compliance with design concept; construction testing; reviewing, analyzing, and approving mill test reports of materials and equipment; preparing and negotiating change orders and supplemental agreements; observing or reviewing performance tests required by specifications; determining amounts owed to contractors and assisting sponsor in the preparation of payment requests for amounts reimbursable from grant projects; making final construction observation and submitting a report of the completed project to the sponsor.
6. Special Services. The development of some projects may involve activities or studies outside the scope of the basic design services routinely performed by the consultant. These special services may vary greatly in scope, complexity, and timing and may involve a number of different disciplines and field of expertise. Consultants performing special services may be employed directly by the sponsor to do one or more phases of a project or may be employed by the principal consultant on a subcontractual arrangement. In certain instances the principal consultant may perform these services. Some examples of special services that might be employed for airport projects include: soils investigations, including core sampling, laboratory tests, related analyses, and reports; detailed mill, shop and/or laboratory inspections of materials and equipment, land surveys and topographic maps; field and/or construction surveys, photogrammetry surveys, onsite construction observation and/or management involving the services of a construction observer and/or management involving the services of a full-time resident engineer(s), observer(s), or manager(s) during the construction or installation phase of a project. This differs from the periodic observation responsibilities included as a part of basic services; expert witness testimony in litigation involving specific projects; public information activities, studies, and surveys' preparation of as recorded plans; assisting sponsor in the preparation of or updating the airport layout plan; and preparation of property maps.
Proposals shall be submitted on form SOQ-1 and must be received by 10:00 a.m. local time on March 19, 2012. Proposals shall be in a sealed envelope, generally identified on the outside as “Statement of Qualifications for Master Services Agreement, City of Ruston, Ruston Regional Airport, RFQ 2012-0010” addressed to:
Jay Robbins, Chairman
Ruston Airport Authority
C/O Michelle Blackwell, Purchasing Agent
701 East Tennessee Avenue
Ruston, LA 71270
One (1) original and three (3) copies of the proposal must be furnished. No emailed proposals will be accepted. Proposals shall be in accordance with form SOQ-1 and shall contain the following information, presented in a clear, comprehensive and concise manner:
1. Management and Staffing: firm name, address, telephone, and contact person. Brief description of firm, including the firm's history of related projects and airport experience, size, etc. Description of proposed project organization and personnel, including their qualifications. This should also include a brief description of firm's current workload, and capacity to perform services outlined therein. If subconsultant firms are anticipated, list firm names, description of work to be performed by the subconsultant, percent of work to be performed by the subconsultant and completed SOQ-1 for each subconsultant.
2. Description of related work experience, including contact person and phone number for each referenced job that best illustrates the firm's current qualifications relevant to this project.
3. Experience and brief resumes of key staff and any subconsultants to be utilized on the project.
4. Any other information that presents the expertise and qualifications of the firm and any subconsultants that is applicable to this project.
5. If a firm has multiple offices, indicate the location where the work will be performed for the advertised projects.
6. Indicate if you have previous experience working on projects at Ruston Regional Airport.
The selected consultant must possess the ability, experience and reputation for optimum quality service necessary to produce quality and functional projects. To ensure the consultant is capable of providing an acceptable level of service to the City, the following minimum qualifications must be met:
1. Consultant must have the ability to direct, coordinate and prepare projects for the Ruston Regional Airport.
2. Consultant must have knowledge of requirements concerning the State and Federal grant process, and must be familiar with all Federal and State Airport design requirements.
3. Consultant must be properly licensed to perform professional services in the State of Louisiana in the appropriate and applicable professional disciplines.
It is the intent of the City to execute a contract with one Consultant firm which will be solely responsible to the City for the implementation of the projects. It is recognized and expected that the Consultant may desire or need the services of subconsultants to undertake various elements and items of the projects. In the event that such subconsultants are anticipated, the SOQ-1 form shall identify the proposed subconsultants, the specific elements and items for which each will be responsible, and the key personnel anticipated to be utilized by the sub-consultant. The use of any subconsultant shall not relieve the primary Consultant of any responsibilities for execution of the projects. A single Point-of-Contact shall be identified by the primary Consultant for the projects.
Questions regarding this process and any of the projects shall be submitted in writing and directed to:
Jay Robbins, Chairman
Ruston Airport Authority
C/O Michelle Blackwell, Purchasing Agent
701 East Tennessee Avenue Ruston, Louisiana 71270
Questions may also be emailed, directed to BOTH of the following persons, and must contain the following subject line:
Jay Robbins, Chairman, at
AND Michelle Blackwell, Purchasing Agent, at
Subject: Statement of Qualifications for Master Services Agreement, Ruston Regional Airport, RFQ 2012-0010
Only timely-received submittals meeting the requirements of this Request for Qualifications will be considered. No late submittals will be accepted. No submittal will be considered or accepted which is submitted by a Consultant that is in default under the terms of any agreement with the City, or which has failed to perform its obligations faithfully under any previous agreement with the City. Submittals shall be signed by an authorized representative of the Consultant.
Proposals will be reviewed by an Ad Hoc Selection Committee consisting of four (4) designated representatives of the City and/or the Ruston Airport Authority. Negotiations will be undertaken with the best qualified licensed consultant in order of the total points received from the following evaluation criteria:


The City reserves the right to reject any and all proposals for just cause and reserves the right to waive any and all informalities.
3td: February 16, 20 & 27, 2012

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