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A paid vacation

Employees reward bosses at closing store
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Pictured from left to right are Andy Warren, Dawn Warren, Floyd Knox and Mattie Woodard. After 19 years in business, Andy’s Handy Foods will be closing on Friday. The employees, Knox and Woodard, raised money to send the Warrens on a family vacation. The couple have not taken a vacation since taking ownership of the store.

Andy and Dawn Warren were surprised, to say the least, when they found out their employees had paid for them and their daughter to take a well-deserved vacation. 

“I was so shocked,” said Dawn. 

After 19 years in business, the Warrens decided to close Andy’s Handy Foods, located at 2206 Louisiana Highway 33, due to declining sales and the recession.

“I could see where things were going,” said Andy.

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