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Lightening strikes, thunder rolls

Intense heat makes for ‘fireworks’ at Lincoln Parish Park
This oak tree at Lincoln Parish Park was struck by a lightening bolt recently. The intense heat generated by the lightening strike caused sap in the tree to boil with the resulting steam causing the tree to literally explode.

Thunderstorms of recent days have had me thinking of the Garth Brooks song, “The Thunder Rolls” depicting an unfaithful guy returning home before dawn with lipstick on his collar emitting the essence of strange perfume. The song is set to the rumble of thunder, adding an ominous quality to the scenario. You’d hope when his wife got through with him, he’d look like a bolt of lightening illuminated his britches.

A group of guys were playing soccer in the Houston area a few days ago when a thunderstorm struck. Unwisely seeking shelter beneath the overhanging branches of a big oak, two died when a lightening bolt smashed the oak to smithereens. You don’t have to be out on late-night shenanigans to feel the effect of lightening; it can happen anytime there is a thunderstorm going on.

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