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SEALED BIDS for construction at Ruston Regional Airport consisting of “Airfield Electrical and Lighting System Improvements, State Project No. H.009365,” will be received in the Purchasing Office of the City of Ruston, Louisiana, located at 701 E. Tennessee Avenue, Ruston, Louisiana 71270, until 10:00 A.M. on Tuesday March 26, 2013. Bids will then be publicly opened and read aloud at the Purchasing Office. Bids received after the 10:00 A.M. deadline will be returned to the bidder unopened via certified mail. Received bids will be referred to the City of Ruston City Council for action and award. A Pre-Bid Conference will be held on Tuesday, March 12, 2013, at 10:00 A.M. in the Airport Terminal Building, 125 Flightline Drive, Ruston, LA 71270. Representatives from the Owner and Engineer will be present to discuss the project. Although the meeting is not mandatory, bidders are encouraged to attend and participate in the conference. Copies of the Contract Documents may be obtained from KSA Alliance, Inc., 1111 Hawn Avenue, Shreveport, LA, 71107, 318-221-7501. Copies may be obtained upon deposit of $150.00 for each set of documents. Deposit is fully refundable to all bona fide PRIME BIDDERS who submit a bid upon return of the documents in good and usable condition, and 50% refundable to all others. Contract Documents must be returned to the office of KSA Alliance, Inc. in good condition no later than ten (10) days after receipt of bids in order to receive a deposit refund. Office hours for KSA Alliance, Inc. are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. Bids shall be received only on proposal forms furnished by the Engineer. In no event shall proposal forms be issued later than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the hour and date set for receiving proposals. Bidders may elect to submit bids electronically via the internet. Electronic bids for the City of Ruston are available for submission at Bidders desiring to submit electronic bids must register with Bid Express. All bids submitted electronically shall include a digital signature as required by Louisiana State law. Bidders submitting bids electronically are not required to submit paper forms. Bid proposals, amendments to bids, or requests for withdrawal of bids which are received after the time specified for bid opening shall not be considered for any cause whatsoever. An acceptable bid bond, cashier's check or certified check payable to the City of Ruston, in an amount equal to five percent (5%) of the bid price, shall be submitted with each bid. The successful Bidder will be required to furnish and pay for satisfactory performance and payment bonds. Bidders are advised that both a Performance Bond and a Payment Bond, each in the amount of 100 percent (100%) of the contract price, will be required. On any bid submitted in the amount of $50,000 or more, the Contractor shall certify that he is licensed under Louisiana Revised Statute 37:2150-2164 and show his license number on the bid and on the envelope. Bidders must be licensed in the following category: Highway, Street and Bridge Construction. The licensee shall not be permitted to bid or perform any type or types of work not included in the classification under which his license was issued. The requirements of 49 CFR Part 26, regulations of the U.S. DOT, applies to this contract. It is the policy of the City of Ruston to practice nondiscrimination based on race, color, sex, or national origin in the award for performance of this contract. All firms qualifying under this solicitation are encouraged to submit bids/proposals. Award of this contract will be conditioned upon satisfying the requirements of this bid specification. These requirements apply to all bidders/offerors. The regulations and orders of the Secretary of Labor, OFCC and FAR 152 require that the sponsor or his contractor(s) include, in invitations for bids or negotiations for contracts over $10,000, the following notices:
(1) The proposed contract is under and subject to Executive Order 11246 of September 24, 1965, and to the Equal Opportunity Clause, as contained in the specifications, and
(2) The Bidder (Proposer) must supply all the information required by the bid or proposal form.
(3) The successful Bidder will be required to submit a Certification of Nonsegregated Facilities prior to award of the contract, and to notify prospective subcontractors of the requirement for such a Certification where the subcontract exceeds $10,000. Samples of the Certification and Notice to Subcontractors appear in the specifications.
(4) Disadvantaged persons will be afforded equal opportunity in all areas of employment.
Bids may be held by the City of Ruston, Louisiana for a period of one hundred and twenty (120) calendar days after the date and hour set for the opening. NOTICE OF REQUIREMENT FOR AFFIRMATIVE ACTION TO ENSURE EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY (EXECUTIVE ORDER 11246, AS AMENDED).
1. The Offeror's or Bidder's attention is called to the "Equal Opportunity Clause" and the "Standard Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Construction Contract Specifications" set forth herein.
2. The contractor's compliance with the executive order and the regulations in 41 CFR Part 60-4 shall be based on its implementation of the Equal Opportunity Clause, specific affirmative action obligations required by the specifications set forth in 41 CFR Part 60-4.3(a), and its efforts to meet the goals established for the geographical area where the contract resulting from this solicitation is to be performed. The hours of disadvantaged person employment and training must be substantially uniform throughout the length of the contract, and in each trade. The transfer of disadvantaged employees or trainees from contractor to contractor or from project to project, for the sole purpose of meeting the contractor's goals, shall be a violation of the contract, the executive order, and the regulations in 41 CFR Part 60-4. Compliance with the goals will be measured against the total work hours performed.
3. The contractor shall provide written notification to the Director, OFCCP, within ten (10) working days of award of any construction subcontract in excess of $10,000 at any tier for construction work under the contract resulting from this solicitation. The notification shall list the name, address, and telephone number of the subcontractor; employee identification number; estimated dollar amount of the subcontract; estimated starting and completion dates of the subcontract; and the geographical area in which the contract is to be performed.
4. As used in this notice and in the contract resulting from this solicitation, the "covered area" is nationwide.
For Bids of $50,000 or more, a contractor having 50 or more employees, and his subcontractors having 50 or more employees, and who may be awarded a subcontract of $50,000 or more, will be required to maintain an affirmative action program within 90 days of the commencement of the contract. All Bidders and Proposers are required to submit the names and addresses of all subcontractors who will perform work on the project on a completed and signed Subcontractor Listing Form as shown herein.
The City of Ruston, Louisiana reserves the right to reject any or all Bids for just cause and reserves the right to waive any and all informalities.
C. Michelle Colvin, CPPB
Purchasing Agent
City of Ruston
Telephone: (318) 251-8631
Facsimile: (318) 251-8648
3td: February 28, 2013 and March 4 & 11, 2013

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