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Holiday drama

RCT to present ‘Kringle’s Window’
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Top Photo: Pictured above are “Kringle’s Window” cast members Austin Ledford (Alvin Lee), Ross Taylor (Ron), Demetric Mattox (Elden a.k.a Manthing), Neesha Siriwardane (Rebecca) and Johnanna Jiles (Sarah). Bottom Photo: Nancy Wallace (right) and Neesha Siriwardane rehearse a scene for the upcoming production of “Kringle’s Window.”

A Christmas drama about family relationships and holiday magic will unfold on the stage of the Dixie Center for the Arts on Thursday-Sunday.

“Kringle’s Window,” written by Mark Medoff and directed by Nancy Wallace, starts off with a little family conflict as two parents are separated, and the older daughter causes chaos.

“There are two daughters,” Wallace said. “The older daughter, who is around 13 (played by Neesha Siriwardane), and her friends decide they will tell the 8-year-old younger sister (played by Sarah Katherine McCallum) there is no Santa Claus. Then it is how the parents deal with helping the little girl feel OK about this. At the same time, there is a person (played by Wallace) who comes into their life and sort of does things behind the scenes that makes things happen. She is sort of magical.”

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