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Hospital tests Pafford’s emergency flight time

Pafford Test flight
Northern Louisiana Medical Center has teamed up with Pafford EMS and Pafford Air One for emergency transport. During a recent test flight, transport to an Arkansas hospital took 22 minutes.

In late September, a test flight was made from the parking lot of the Northern Louisiana Medical Center to a hospital surgery suite in El Dorado, Ark. According to John Lee with the NLMC, the flight time for the 50-mile trip was 22 minutes. Since the addition of interventional cardiologist Dr. Michael Langiulli, NLMC has teamed up with Pafford EMS and Pafford Air One.

With the ever-growing number of interventional cardiac cases, NLMC and Pafford have set forth procedures to provide medical care to patients in extreme emergency situations.

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