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First of kind interns graduate

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CoED Clinical Residency Fellows receive diplomas

The College of Education’s Clinical Residency Research Center had its first cohort of TEAM Model clinical interns graduate from Louisiana Tech University’s spring commencement.

This was the second year pilot of the elementary clinical residency program and the first pilot year to have full-year clinical residencies, formerly student teaching, at the secondary level.

Amy Vessel, Director of the CRRC, said the establishment of education clinical residencies is growing rapidly across our country.

“This year, we wanted to make certain our teacher candidates were acknowledged for the groundbreaking efforts they have made for the state of Louisiana, so they were honored as Clinical Residency Fellows by the CRRC in a small ceremony,” she said. “It’s quite remarkable that there are approximately 100 clinical residency interns from universities across state, and 20 of those undergraduate teacher candidates are at Louisiana Tech University.”

Eighteen spring graduates wore a distinctive fellow honor cord with their graduation cap and gown, and the remaining two will be honored at the fall commencement in November.

Lisa Mangum, former clinical residency principal and LPSB district liaison for the TEAM Model program, said hiring a graduate from a clinical residency program is hiring someone with a full-year of teaching experience.

“We are receiving a first- year teacher beginning a second year of experience,” she said.

“Ultimately, the benefits of clinical residencies for our K-12 students are endless. It will completely transform how we prepare new teachers and train teacher leaders in our schools.”

Vessel said Tech’s College of Education began research in the fall of 2014 with 11 first-year pilot interns at Cypress Springs Elementary and Glen View Elementary and continues to lead the state in clinical residency graduates.

Ruston Elementary Principal Amy Brister said she experienced four TEAM Model classrooms at her school this year.

“These clinical interns certainly sought-after hiring prospects walking into our classrooms as first year teachers with more than 1,000 clinical hours of August-May experiences,” she said.

“Our Clinical Interns have participated in staff meetings and studied our student data with their mentors.

“We’ve interacted informally during playground duty and in the teacher’s lounge. So when I’m hiring a new teacher, I’m much more comfortable hiring a teacher candidate from the TEAM Model Clinical Residency Program. Being able to experience the classroom from August to the very last day, they know what to expect when they’re in their own future classroom. It’s the most invaluable experience they could have.”

Don Schillinger, Tech College of Education Dean, said the department is proud of what these teacher candidates have accomplished in being the second cohort of the elementary education and the first cohort of secondary education graduates to complete a full-year clinical residency in teaching.

“They have demonstrated their commitment to the teaching profession and have provided considerable evidence of being highly qualified and ready for the next step in their career trajectory — full-time teaching,” he said. “This new and innovative teacher preparation process, which combines a TEAM approach of exemplary Mentor Teachers from our partner schools collaborating for a full-year with our teacher candidates, requires a greater commitment of time, increased dedication to excellence, and more personal sacrifices than the traditional method of teacher preparation.

“But the results are enhanced partnerships between K-12 schools and preparation programs, and most importantly, teachers candidates that are truly ready to instruct the students of Louisiana.”

Vessel said more than 100 mentors in Lincoln, Ouachita and Claiborne Parish were trained this spring to host future TEAM Model clinical residency interns in their classrooms through the Cohort 3 Louisiana Believe and Prepare Funded Program.

In the 2016-17 academic year, 30 teacher candidates from elementary through secondary have already committed to the clinical residency program with more signing up daily.

The majority of those candidates have already requested to be placed in Lincoln Parish Schools in for the 2016-17 academic school year.

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