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South Louisiana needs our help

At least 40,000 homes were damaged and 11 people have been killed during the flooding, leaving thousands stranded without homes or basic necessitates.

Around 11,000 people remain in emergency shelters, days after the deluge began, according to CNN.

In an effort to lend a hand to those suffering from the historic flooding, local organizations and churches have begun to collecting donations.

Basic necessities, such as water, blankets and medical supplies, are the most needed, although clothes, diapers and hygiene items are also on the list.

Trinity United Methodist Church is accepting donations and will deliver the items to flood victims Friday.

Items will be collected in the atrium by the gym — a sign is posted on the door outside.

Grace United Methodist Church is also accepting donations for displaced families at their main office, located at 3401 N. Trenton St. as is Rolling Hills Ministries, located on Louisiana Hwy. 33.

Dozens of volunteers will be accompanying the supplies to cities such as Baton Rouge, Livingston, Lafayette and Opelousas.

These men and women are giving of their time and resources to aid those in need, and we are proud to be a part of a community that lends a helping hand to others.

Twenty-five parishes in Louisiana are declared in a state of emergency and 20 of those parishes have been designated by the federal government as a state of emergency.

For those seeking to locate family members or are looking for shelter information, “Find my Family” is available for free on the Red Cross Emergency App or

We applaud those volunteers who have already made their way to disaster areas as well as those making preparations to do so.

Lincoln Parish is a community that strives to help those in need, and the devastation affecting those in South Louisiana is no exception.

While each organization gathering supplies has different needs, residents are asked to only donate necessities.

For more information about the specific needs of each donation location, contact the organization.

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