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Dumpster dog finds a home

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First, there was the white pup. I found her abandoned at the dumpster down the road fifteen or so years ago. I couldn’t leave her shivering there in the cold. I mean, it was on Christmas morning and only Ebenezer Scrooge could do that. I brought her home and appropriately, Kay and Melissa named her Holly. Christmas, you know.

We kept her a couple of stress-filled week before a kind lady working at the Ruston Daily Leader wanted her and we breathed a sigh of relief when Holly changed hands.

Last year, there was June Bug, a friendly little mongrel left at a dumpster near our hunting camp. June Bug took a liking to our digs and promptly established our spot as her home. No real problem until JB started following us to our deer stands. Seeing trouble on the horizon, I wrote an article about our plight. Fran, a lady from Homer, read the column, responded and June Bug now roams the Claiborne Parish hills.

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