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The City of Ruston, in accordance with the National Flood Insurance Program regulation 65.7(b)(1) hereby gives notice of the City's intent to revise the flood hazard information specifically located along Cypress Creek Tributary 10 beginning at a point approximately 0.3 miles upstream of Ashland Street extending upstream to a point approximately 0.1 miles upstream of the Interstate 20 culvert. The revision is located on the Federal Emergency Management Agency Flood Insurance Rate Map for Lincoln County and Incorporated Areas, Panel 245, Effective April 2, 2009.
As a result of this revision, the 1% annual chance floodplain boundary for portions of Cypress Creek Tributary 10 will widen, narrow and be removed. A maximum 1% annual chance floodplain widening of approximately 20 feet will occur just upstream of Interstate 20 and a maximum narrowing of approximately 20 feet will occur just upstream of Gains Avenue. The 1% annual chance floodplain will be removed for approximately 1,500 linear feet of creek that during the 1% annual chance flood was demonstrated through detailed hydrologic and hydraulic analysis to be contained in an existing 60” culvert system that passes under Interstate 20 and emerges at a point approximately 1,000 feet north of Woodward Avenue. The 1% annual chance flood elevations when compared to the effective 2009 flood insurance study will both increase and decrease with a maximum increase of 3.43 feet just upstream of Interstate 20 and a maximum decrease of 1.03 feet just upstream of Gains Avenue. It should be noted that all increases are as a result of a more detailed analysis which more accurately considers the impacts of the Interstate 20 culvert system when compared to the 2009 FEMA Flood Insurance Study.
Maps and detailed analysis of the revision can be reviewed at the City of Ruston Permits & Inspections department at 701 East Tennessee Avenue, Ruston, LA 71273. Interested persons may contact Mr. Bill Sanderson, Building Official at 318.251.8640.
1td April 16, 2019

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